b'GLOBE VALVES - BONNETLESS Y-STYLEBONNETLESS Y-PATTERN GLOBE VALVESSW, NPT, BW 800 TO 2690 CLASSBONNETLESS GLOBE VALVESOne-piece, forged, bonnetless globe valves have been proven in critical service applications around the world.This includes high pressure drop, steam blow down, steam injection etc.These fast acting isolation valves are rated up to 2690 Classand can be utilised in gas and super heated steam atup to 1100F (593C)DESIGN FEATURESOne piece forged bodyEliminates pressure retaining threads or boltsNo welds to cut for servicingEliminates depositsY Pattern forged bodyExcellent flow characteristicsAllows streamlined flowEliminates corrosion and deposits60 incline pressure dropHeavy integral seating Integral Stellite #6 seat & disc for long life Tight shutoffLong valve lifeGood flow characteristics.Ease of re-facingPositive seating function as standardSeat is guided at bottom and topNon-rotating splined stem Double packing and leak-offNon-rotating solid cone eliminates galling andA lantern ring and leak-off pipe optioneliminates scoring or bending of the stem allows detection or draining of leakage, if any,No torsion applied to gland packing from the lower packing set.Easy on site maintenance and low maintenance costLow operational torque Short and narrow packing chamberCan not be detached from the stem Sealing effectiveness improves asClose roundness and straightness tolerances overall packing length shortens. Chamber wallBurnished for superior finish is burnished to a superior finishCombination gland ring packing Handle wheelGraphoil as standard maximum temperature Impact Hand-wheel is not necessary thanks650 degree C. to the two roller bearings.Long operating lifeUnique, fully-enclosed stem nutdriveHeavy two-piece gland bushings Well lubricated stem nut rotates on two Will withstand high stresses caused by liveloading thrust bearingsBolt torques control total spring load 10,000 test cycles show no visible damage Two sets of GLAND BUSHINGS maintain a minimumto partspermanent stress of 4000 psi on the graphite packingDust cover and sleeve protect stem threadskeeping it tight for long periods of time withoutfrom dirt, dust and sand.maintenance.26 AUSTRALIAN PIPELINE VALVE'