b'GATE VALVES - PARALLEL SLIDEPARALLEL SLIDE GATE VALVECAT P316SF-HP CLASS 600-2500 (15~80NB)For installation in applications such as industrial, mining and mechanical23 services. Suitable for super-heated steam, H.T.H.W steam condensate and water.22 This design consists of two discs, kept in contact with parallel body seats, 21 using the line pressure and sprung seating action to effect tight closure.20 Temperature changes in the line are accommodated by the expanding disc 19 and do not affect the action of the valve.When being opened or closed,18 the discs slide across the seat faces, dislodging any foreign matter. 17 The valve operating stem is outside screw rising through the handwheel.16 These valves are suitable for full bore steam use, where a low pressure15 drop across the valve is required.Also suitable for water, oil, gas, etc. 1413 STANDARD MATERIALS 316SF-HP 1500~2500CL12 Part Material11 1 Body ASTMA105N10 2 Seat ASTMA105+STL3 Disc ASTMA105+STL9 4 Spring InconelX-7508 5 GateFrame ASTMA105N7 6 Skirt A2404106 7 Stem A182F6a8 Bonnet ASTMA105N5 9 SealRing A182F3164 10 AdapterRing AISI10453 11 PackingSeat A182F30412 GlandNut AISI10352 13 Packing Graphite1 14 PackingBushing A182F6a15 PackingGland ASTMA10516 GlandEyebolt A193B717 Nut A1942H18 Yoke A216WCB19 OilCup Cu20 StemNut ZQAL9-41500~2500ClassP316SF-HP 21 BearingCover AISI103522 HandWheel A216WCB23 GlandNut AISI1035PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE A105N BODY Contactusfordetaileddrawing.Test Pressure to API598 (PSIG) Working Pressure STANDARDS COMPLIANCE:Class Cat No. ShellSeat Seat CWP Saturated Steam Basic Design:API 600,ANSI B16.34, BS 5157(Hydro) (Hydro) (Air) WOG (at 260C)* Face to Face Dimension:ANSI B16.10150 (AS/BST D to F) 150-P316SFXU-S 450 315 80 280 170 End to End Dimension:ANSI B16.10300 (AS/BST H to J) 300-P316SFXU-S 1125 815 80 720 600 Flanged Ends:ANSI 16.5600 600-P316SFXU-S 2225 1628 80 1440 1200 B.W. Ends:ANSI B16.25900 900-P316SFXU-S 3350 2442 80 2190 1800 S.W. Ends:ANSI B16.111500 1500-P136SFXU-S 5626 4078 80 3600 3000 Drilling to ANSI or BS/AS2129 Table D to H orAS4087 / AS4331 / ISO7005-1 PN 10 to 250 Forsuperheatedsteametc.consultchart.F11,F22,F5chrome-molyavailablebodyforhightemperatureapplications. Pressure/Temperature ratings to ANSI B16.5O.S. & Y. Rising Stem Full Port, Expanded Parallel TRIM MATERIAL CODES Slide Gate Valve, Double Disc, Pressure Seal Body Seat Double Disc Back Seat Body Material Codes or Bolted Bonnet, Welded-in or Threaded Seat Seating Surface Part Surface Part Stem (Stuffing Box) Rings.Mechanically loaded seating for low and Code No. 3 No. 4 Part No. 5 Part No. 10 None A105N high pressure sealing.XF6F6F6F6 0Special Parallel slide dual loaded discs ensure superior UStelliteStelliteF6F6 5A182F5/F5a shut off and allow by-pass/bleed fitment (double XUStelliteF6F6F6 6A182F11 block and bleed requires soft seat inserts).P*F304F304F304F304R*F316F316F316F316 8A182F304/304L Pressure/temperature charts available on request.M*MonelMonelMonelMonel 8MA182F316/316L Available in A105N, F22, F11, F5, 316, 304 etc.N*Alloy20Alloy20Alloy20Alloy20H*HastelloyBHastelloyBHastelloyB HastelloyB 9A182F22 (Pillar & Post style bonnet also available.)*AddXUmodifiertoendofmodelsuffixifstelliteseat,ifstelliteseat&discaddUmodifiertoend.AUSTRALIAN PIPELINE VALVE 37'