Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 15 API6D THROUGH CONDUIT EXPANDING GATE VALVE - AP400-405 SERIES 8.1 OPERATION INSTRUCTION a- Hand wheel and gear operated gate valve have to be fully opened and closed to check the valve is correctly operating. b- In the case of automated valves, the instructions from the actuator’s manufacturer shall be supplied separately. In this case, automated valves shall be operated with the required energy source (electric, pneumatic, hydraulic) to check correct functioning. c- Do not change any settings such as position stops or speed or torque governing devices. d- Clockwise rotate the handwheel to CLOSE the valve, rotate counter-clockwise to OPEN the valve. e- When operating a gate valve, APV does not recommend the use of any leverage tool opening or closing the valve. Carefully observe the position of indicator during operation. When the position indicator shows OPEN or CLOSED, rotate the handwheel in the opposite direction one half turn to release the pressure between the stem and drive nut. f- The APV gate valve is not designed to be used as a throttle valve. g- If necessary, with the valve fully CLOSED, cavity pressure can be relieved through the bonnet vent fitting. Important: In the event that the gate valve body cavity needs to be depressurised, please refer section 8.5, Body Bleed Procedure. h- To remove the foreign debris from the valve, remove the drain plug from the bottom of the valve body. Reinstall the drain plug when cleaning is complete. 8.2 MAINTENANCE 8.2.1 Cleaning and lubricating the stem a- IF LINE CONDITIONS PERMIT, cycle the valve to the full OPEN position. b- Remove stem protector. c- Use a wire brush to clean the stem threads and thoroughly remove any dust, dirt or debris. d- Check condition of threads for wear or damage. e- Using a lithium based general purpose grease with a minimum 150 viscosity grease lubricate the thread. f- To ensure even grease distribution over the stem and drive nut cycle the gate OPEN and CLOSED several times. g- Return the valve to the desired operating position. h- Replace stem protector. (For lubrication frequency and procedure for the actuators please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations). Always wear approved safety gear and face away from the bonnet when relieving pressure from the valve.