Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 17 8.2.3 Stem Seal/ Packing Maintenance a- In the event of stem packing leakage, CLOSE the valve and release the cavity pressure. b- Remove the stinger from the packing injection fitting. Insert the pressure relieving stinger tool to relieve any stem packing pressure. c- Once pressure is removed and the relief tool has been removed, remove the plug from the packing relief port. d- Using a grease gun, inject stem seal packing into the packing injector fitting until fresh packing is seen coming through the relief port. e- Reinstall the relief port plug. Add additional packing until the pressure in the packing gland stabilises then tighten the injector stinger. Please see the Packing Box Pressure PSIG table below for required pressures. API6D THROUGH CONDUIT EXPANDING GATE VALVE - AP400-405 SERIES PACKING BOX PRESSURE PSIG Valve Pressure Class Packing Box Pressure (PSIG) 150 13,263 kPa (1925 psi) 300 17,914 kPa (2600 psi) 400 20,325 kPa (2950 psi) 600 25,321 kPa (3675 psi) 900 32,727 kPa (4750 psi) 1500 47,541 kPa (6900 psi) Over pressurising the injectable packing will distort packing, making the valve difficult to operate. Stem Stem Packing Stem Packing Injection Fitting Stem Yoke Lantern Ring Stem Packing Figure 2: Packing Injection (Design/fitment varies depending on size/class specification)