Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 18 API6D THROUGH CONDUIT EXPANDING GATE VALVE - AP400-405 SERIES 8.2.4 Cold Temperature Maintenance Allowing freezable fluids to be trapped inside the valve will result in damage to the valve when the fluid freezes. 8.3 ACTUATION Important: APV recommends that all actuation is installed and calibrated in a controlled testing environment. Utilise a hydro-test to simulate the targeted operating conditions while setting TRAVEL LIMITS and TORQUE LIMITS. 8.3.1 The APV Expanding gate valve is a “torque seated” design. For proper actuator torque requirements, please consult with APV. Note APV through conduit gate valves are manufactured with ISO standard mounting plates for manual or automation installations. Correct actuator calibration is critical for proper valve performance and longevity. Incorrect TRAVEL LIMIT and TORQUE LIMIT settings can result in catastrophic valve failure! Note 0°C is the temperature water will freeze. However, some frozen water hydraulics generated by fluids frozen solid. Pressure Exerted By Frozen Fluids Temperature (C) Internal Pressure 0°C 101 kPa -1°C 14,469 kPa -4°C 48,230 kPa -7.5°C 87,227 kPa -12.5°C 138,186 kPa -15°C 159,262 kPa -17.5°C 179,850 kPa NOTE: Eliminate trapped water in your system to avoid system damage