b'FLOATING BALL VALVES - SLFSBV01 & SLBV01 SERIESThe responsibility for welding of the valves into piping systems is that of those performing the welding. Refer to ASME B31.1, B31.3 etc. Written welding procedures covering all attributes of the process and materials to be welded shall be in accordance with Section IX of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and any additional requirements from the applicable piping code including any possible necessary localised post weld heat treatment depending on material specifications.3 . 0 O P E R A T I O N3.1 MANUAL OPERATIONValve adjustment is by clockwise turning of stem. Lever operated and gear operated valves have a position indicator to indicate open or closed (see figure 1 & 2).Ball Valves must not be used for throttling. Do not leave part open, or seats will be damaged. Valve must be full open or full closed.FIG 1. FIG 2.3.2 LOCK DEVICEWhere provided (optional) the valve has a locking lug that allows valve to be locked in full open or full closed position.4 . 0 M A I N T E N A N C EValves should be periodically checked at least once every 3 months, but depending on service, criticality and frequency of use, more regular checking may be required.Packing leakage could result in personal injury. Valve packing is tightened prior to shipping but may require adjustment to meet specific service conditions.If valve does not fully close, damage to the seat and body will result due to the venturi effect resulting in high pressure erosion. Flush or remove the valve at next opportunity.Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 9'