b'FLOATING BALL VALVES - SLFSBV01 & SLBV01 SERIES5. Remove the ball from the body. Check the ball for any damage. Remove the seat from the body. Check the seat for any damage.6. Remove the stem and thrust plate from the body. Remove the thrust plate from the stem. Check the stem for any damage.7. Clean and inspect body and retainer gasket surfaces. Check for erosion, corrosion, or damage, especially near point where leakage occurred. If damage is found, those surfaces must be repaired before continuing.8. Replace or repair all damaged parts.Reassembly: - 1. Installation of new seats, packing and seals is recommended, then follow reassembly procedure 4.5 below.2.For gear operator or power actuator operated: - install the yoke and tighten the screws.2a. Install key on the stem.2b. Install gear operator on top flange and tighten the bolts.3.For lever operated: - install stop plate.3a. Install retainer/thrust washer.3b. Install lever.3c. Install washer and tighten the screw or fit circlip.This completes the reassembly.4.4 DISASSEMBLY PROCEDUREBefore removing valve from line ensure valve is in the closed position and line is fully closed off and drained. Client should observe all industry & regulatory procedures in this process. To disassemble first remove the operator (4.3.2) then the following steps should be followed with reassembly in reverse order.1.Drain & clean valve including contents in cavity.2. Remove (13) CAP BOLT and (14) NUT from (1) BODY and (2) CAP.3. Take off (2) CAP from (1) BODY and remove (12) GASKET. 4. Carefully remove (3) BALL. Avoid scratching BALL surface.5. Remove (5) SEATS from BODY and CAP.6. Remove (16) SNAP RING (or retainer bolt), (15) STOPPER, (8) GLAND BOLT and (7) GLAND FLANGE (or GLAND NUT) on larger sizes YOKE must also be removed.7. Remove (4) STEM by pulling from inside BODY cavity.8. Remove (9) THRUST WASHER.9. Remove (11) GLAND PACKING and (10) STEM SEAL where fitted. Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 13'