b'FLOATING BALL VALVES - SLFSBV01 & SLBV01 SERIES4.5 REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE1.For reassembly of the disassembled valves, follow the above disassembling procedure in the reverse order.2. After cleaning the disassembled parts, reset each part in the original position properly. Thethreaded parts should be cleaned thoroughly and applied with lubricating paste.3. The stuffing box and base of gasket should be thoroughly cleaned with care.Check the packing box for pressurised process fluids even after the valve has been removed from the pipeline, particularly when removing packing hardware or packing rings, or removing packing box pipe plug.4. The gland packing and gasket should be replaced preferably each time the valve is disassembled.5. To reassemble body and cap, each bolt and nut shall be pre greased and then tightened in accordance with applicable Torque as per Table 1 (see Appendix).Nylon and Devlon are hard and more scratch resistant compared to Teflon, and PEEK is harder still. However, Teflon is more resilient and has better memory in terms of resistance to permanent indentations. All soft seated valves are only suited Note to clean service applications.6. After installation of new parts:Reassemble using reverse order of steps outlined above. Operate valve several times to be assured of smooth operation before reinstalling.14 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'