b'FLOATING BALL VALVES - SLFSBV01 & SLBV01 SERIES5 . 0 C O N S T R U C T I O NFollowing is a typical disassembly explosion of an APV floating 2 piece ball valve. The number of parts will slightly vary in each size & class but the principal components are as per Figure 6/6A below. Refer to as-built drawing supplied with the valve for actual bill of material.NO. DESCRIPTION v 16*21 Body 172 Cap3 Ball 8 154 Stem5 Seat Ring7*16 Stem O-Ring *2 4 *27 Gland *1 10 118 Gland Bolt/Nut *19 Thrust Seal 6*2 optional mounting pad ISO 521110 Stem Bush/Seal *2 18911 Gland Packing12 Gasket13 Stud Bolt14 Nut15 Stopper16 Snap Ring *2117 Lever 12 metal to metal contact API607 firesafe18 Antistatic Device*1 Gland flange or gland nut in smaller sizes/classes 3 5 13*2 Depends on size & class*3 Snap ring or bolt washer, depending on size/class 214FIG 6. VALVE DESIGN CAST (BOLTED GLAND VERSION)ADJUSTABLE PRELOADED GLAND*Ensures even packing adjustment without need for continuous adjustment. (*Nut or yoke type depending on size/class)MULTI-STAGE PACKING Fugitive emission prototype certified (when FE grade packing fitted). Stem sealant injection is not required. Can also be specified elastomer free for a wider range STEM SEAL of service and temperature conditions.(Elastomer free version available) ANTI-STATIC STEM DEVICECavity relief hole in ball stem slot.PTFE THRUST SEALBODY SEALS LARGE SURFACE AREA SEAT RINGS Can be specified Elastomer free, Graphite outer,HEEL & TOE ENERGISED SEAT DESIGN PTFE inner (with secondary metal to metalComplies to most low emission standards. Seat sealantoverlap). Larger sizes and higher pressures areinjection is not required. Low and high pressure zeroalways dual seals or spiral wound leakage capability. Can be specified elastomer free for + graphite or PTFE filled. a wider range of service and temperature conditions.Inherently self relieveing capable due to flexible design and radial relieving grooves on sides of seals.The above is indicative only, design depends on size, class and trim, etc. Refer to as-built drawing.Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 15'