Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 13 SIDE ENTRY 2P TRUNNION BALL VALVES API6D STANDARD - FS9000 SERIES 5.4 SEAT AND SPRING REMOVAL a- Seats are easily removable from lateral flanges. b- Ensure the flanges are on a horizontal plane. c- Lift the seat-ring part no. 06. d- Remove and clean the springs part no. 24. 6 . 0 I N S P E C T I O N A N D R E PA I R S The following inspection and maintenance procedures of valve components should be performed by a professional valve repairer. Replace any parts that are damaged with genuine APV spare parts. The sampled drawing in Appendix 1 is used as an example to reference parts. However, the Bill of Material varies according to size, class & trim, hence refer to as-built drawing. 6.1 BODY AND BONNET a- Clean accurately inside the body. The surfaces shall be free of rust, scale, dirt etc. b- Clean accurately the body seats with kerosene removing any dirt. c- Any local scratches shall be smoothed with emery cloth. d- Inspect bonnet gasket status and replace is damaged. e- Lubricate gasket area and matching surface with an appropriate thin film of grease. 6.2 SEAT AND SEAT HOUSING a- Seat housing shall be free of rust, scale, dirt, etc. b- After cleaning lubricate accurately the seat housing with a thin film of grease. c- Repeat the operations a & b for the second seat-ring and gasket. Check in particular the status of the seat surfaces in contact with the ball. Clean accurately and smooth eventual small damages using emery cloth. Any deep scratch crossing the whole sealing area shall be cause for rejection. 6.3 SOFT SEAT INSERT (ONLY FOR VALVE WITH SOFT INSERT) a- The soft insert shall be free of damages otherwise the seat shall be replaced. WARNING: due to the specialised manufacturing process, the performance of the seat insert is guaranteed only if manufactured by APV. Do not attempt to press in a new after-market seat insert. b- A client made refurbished part will void the warranty. 6.4 SEALS a- Clean and check the gasket’s status and repair/replace them if damaged.