6.5 SPRING a- Remove and clean the springs part no. 24 with kerosene or similar solvent. b- Fill with grease the spring holes on the seats. c- Check the springs function properly. d- Assemble the springs on the seats, be careful to avoid any damages to the seat gasket. 6.6 BEARINGS a- The surfaces of the bearing shall not exhibit any signs of scratches or deep abrasion. b- If necessary the bearing can be removed acting with the proper tool (screwdriver or chisel) between bearing wall and ball. c- The new bearing can be forced into the housing. 6.7 BALL a- Clean the ball, check accurately the surfaces in contact with the seats and bearings. b- Any damages of the surface must be eliminated by polishing with emery dust. Any deep scratch crossing the whole sealing area shall be cause for rejection. c- Lubricate accurately all the surfaces with a film of grease. 6.8 STEM SEAL AND STEM a- Clean the stem surfaces and check in particular the portion in contact with gaskets. b- The stem shall be free of abrasion, scaling or scratches. c- Lubricate accurately with the grease. d- Check seals and replace them if necessary. 6.9 BOLTS, NUTS AND THREADED COMPONENTS a- All bolts, nuts, and threaded particulars shall be cleaned with kerosene, dried and lubricated with protective oil. The body bolts should have a copper based anti-seize grease applied. To ensure grease does not dry or wash out and does prevent corrosion protective plastic nut caps with grease nipples are available. b- The threads should be visually inspected to verify the integrity of the components. Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 14 SIDE ENTRY 2P TRUNNION BALL VALVES API6D STANDARD - FS9000 SERIES If a gasket or seal is disturbed while removing or adjusting soft parts, APV recommends installing a new gasket or seal. A proper seal is required to ensure optimum operation.