Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 15 SIDE ENTRY 2P TRUNNION BALL VALVES API6D STANDARD - FS9000 SERIES 7 . 0 V A LV E A S S E M B LY The sample drawing in Appendix 4 is used as a reference, however, refer to actual as-built drawing as the Bill of Materials varies depending on size, class and trim. 7.1 VALVE LUBRICATION For components that need to be lubricated use grease IP Bimol Grease or similar. 7.2 SEAT AND SPRING ASSEMBLY a- Put the spring part no. 24 into proper housing on the seats part no. 06. b- Be sure that the flange/body seat area is properly lubricated and position it on a horizontal plane. c- Insert the o-rings part no. 28 and the fire safe gasket into the grooves of the seat ring part no. 15. d- Lower the seat ring into the body/flange cavity. Be careful to avoid damaging the gasket. 7.3 ADAPTOR ASSEMBLY a- Assemble the adaptor part no. 02 with the body. b- Screw studs part no. 30 and tighten the nuts part no. 31 (ensure they are pre-greased as per 6.9). c- Refer Appendix 1 for Bolting Torques. 7.4 BALL, SUPPORT, BONNET AND STEM ASSEMBLY a- Assemble the bearings part no. 19, the O-rings part no. 25, 26, 27 and the gasket with the bonnet part no. 11. b- Introduce the stem part no. 07 into the bonnet. Be careful to maintain the stem in the same axis of the bonnet. c- Assemble the ball part no. 03 with the bearings part no. 19 and support part no. 10and insert the ball in the lateral body cavity. d- Insert the stem and the bonnet in the ball, through the upper port of the body. Make sure that the stem groove of the key is along pipeline direction, with the ball in the fully open position. Screw and tighten the stop screws part no. 38. 7.5 GEARBOX MOUNTING TO VALVE a- Assemble the gear support with the valve. b- Insert the actuator/gear on the support with the valve. c- Screw and tighten the studs/nuts actuator. 7.6 PRESSURE TEST a- Move the ball in the half position. b- Pressurise the valve body. The body hydrostatic test should be performed at a pressure 1.5 times the maximum rating pressure in accordance with API6D.