b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLE4 . 0 M A I N T E N A N C EBefore the valve can be inspected it must be cleaned thoroughly with steam or soap & water. The use of solvents is to be avoided as this may damage the elastomer seals.Inspect the plug, inserts, adjusting nut, seals and the valve for wear or damage.Clean out all of the old lubricant from the valve bodys internal profile and all parts.When using sandpaper on sealing surfaces, avoid repetitive sanding in one spot; sand evenly across the entire sealing surface. Sand scratches by moving the sandpaper around the plug, not up and down, along the length of the plug.As part of a regular maintenance program the valve should be regularly greased to increase the service life of the internal parts of the valve. Routine disassembly and cleaning as part of a maintenance program can help prevent unnecessary damage to the valve body.Valves should be greased depending on the severity of their use. APV can help you establish guidelines for a greasing and/or disassembly program based on the operating conditions. For disassembly procedures refer to section 5.0 of this manual.To prevent leakage, malfunctions resulting from internal wear or seal degradation, the user must establish a preventative maintenance and inspection program according to the usage. This program must include:a) Inspection of parts to detect loss of wall thickness that may result in decreased pressure capacity.b) Routine replacement of seals and inspection for proper operation.5 . 0 D I S A S S E M B LY5.1 LT STYLEPlug valve disassembly procedure is as follows: - 1.Hold tight the valve body (1) or end connections for approach to top or bottom of valve.2. Remove hex bolt (15), washer (12,14), handle (11) adjusting nut (7), cap screw (9), top collar (10) from both end top & bottom.3. Plug can be removed with a gentle push with a wooden block.4. Remove insert o-ring (5), adjusting nut o-ring (8) and plug seal (6).8 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'