b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLEAlways replace o-ring and seals after every openingNote5. Insert, plug valve body & adjusting should be inspected for corrosion, wear in seal area or scoring.6. Internal profile of the valve should be thoroughly cleaned after removing all old lubricants.NOTE: For SP Style Disassembly refer to APV. We will supply relevant OEM IOM on request.6 . 0 A S S E M B LY6.1 LT STYLEPlug valve assembly procedure is as follows: - Ensure the work area for assembling the valve is clean and free from contaminants e.g. dust, dirt, metal, particles etc. these may mix with the lubricant causing damages to the natural working of the valve.Note1.Check through the bore inside the pocket and de burr any sharp edges.2. Check the dowel pins (2) that are in the valve body by gently dropping a set of inserts (4) into the valve. The inserts should move freely up and down the distance of the roll pin slots.3.Screw the clean adjusting nut (7) all the way into the valve body to check the threads are not damaged. Remove after inspection.4. Apply stick grease in the o-ring groove and install the insert o-rings (5) and the adjusting o-ring (8).5.Check the plug (3) O.D. & insert surface for defects such as scratches, nicks, etc. that could possible affect the sealing area.6.Apply valve grease in the internal profile of the body; plug (3) and inserts (4). For valve greasing procedure refer to 6.1 of this manual.7.Install the plug seals (6) into the recess of the valve body and adjusting nut with the metal back up towards the recess and facing away from the pressure.8.Install the lower end of the plug (opposite the hex end) in the adjusting nut and push down until the plug shoulders.9.Place the inserts around the plug and secure the plug to the adjusting nut with a hex bolt (15) and washer (12,14). Plug and insert ports must be aligned.10. Fix the plug with inserts and adjusting nuts (with o-rings and seals in proper place) into the valve body with the alignment pins keying into the insert alignment slots.11. Apply recommended torque to tighten adjusting nut into the body. This will ensure proper sealing.Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 9'