b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLERECOMMENDED TORQUE AT HYDROSTATIC TEST CONDITIONSSIZE 6000 PSI 10,000 PSI 15,000 PSI1 45 ft-lb 80 ft-lb 120 ft-lb2 130 ft-lb 235 ft-lb 355 ft-lb3 365 ft-lb - -12. Fix stop collar (10), handle (11) on top of the valve and secure with a hex bolt (15) and washer (12,14).Note: 1 valves do not require a stop collar.13. Valve should be greased thoroughly using stick grease by rotating the plug a number of times while pumping in stick grease through greasing nipple (16).NOTE: For SP Style Assembly refer to APV. We will supply relevant OEM IOM on request.6.2 VALVE GREASING PROCEDUREPlug valve greasing procedure of plug valve is as follows: -1.During assembly he body I.D. and adjusting threads are to be greased with Chevron ultra-duty type 2 red shop grease by hand (CPS no. 254600).2. VAL-TEX 972K valve stick grease is to be applied to the inserts I.D. and the plug O.D.3. Complete the assembly of the valve.4. Before testing, inject the stick grease into the valve with a high pressure grease gun through greasing nipple with the valve in the open position. For injecting grease the grease gun should be pressurised approximately 3,500 PSI.5. Should the grease gun start building up pressure the valve should be closed to relieve pressure and re open.6. Grease again until pressure builds up or until excess grease starts entering the bore.7. Close the valve to bleed pressure buildup and then re open the valve.Listed below is the amount of grease injection required relative to the valve size.Valve size Total grease injection (approx.)1 1/3 stick2 1/2 stick3 1 stick10 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'