b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLE7 . 0 T E S T I N GRefer to API 6A latest edition for testing procedures. Prior to pressure testing, valve adjustment is to be carried out.7.1 VALVE ADJUSTMENT PROCEDUREa) Close the plug and apply hydrostatic pressure less than equal to 50% of the full working pressure.b) Bleed off the pressure by opening the plug.c) Tighten the adjusting nut to the correct torque (typically the adjusting nut will tighten at least another 90 degrees).d) Repeat the procedure for the other side to complete the valve adjustments.Valve adjustments rely on the plug being settled into the inserts by differential pressure. The differential hydrostatic pressure forces are many times greater than the force applied by the adjusting nut alone.Valve adjustment is used to remove excess grease from the space between plug and inserts and makes for more reliable valve performance. In cases where the valve has not been adjusted, the fit between plug and inserts will be loosened after the first seat test. This results in unreliable seal energising for further testing.8 . 0 S T O R A G EThe following are steps to ensure proper plug valve storage: - a. All equipment should be drained and lubricated after testing and prior to storage.b. All components and assemblies should be cleaned free of dirt, oil, metal particles and other contaminates.c. Equipment containing exposed metallic surfaces should be protected with a rust inhibitor which will not become a fluid and run at temperatures less than 52C (125F).d. Exposed sealing surfaces should be protected from mechanical damage.8.1 SHELF LIFEThe following maximum equipment shelf life recommendations are a guide only, refer to the manufacturers recommendations for storage.Stored 0-3 monthsNothing requiredStored 3-6 monthsRe-grease and operate. Operate by rotating the plug. Check to see that rotation is smooth without grinding or scraping.Stores 6+ monthsDisassemble, rebuild & retest the valve. Replace all internal seals.Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 11'