b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - SP STYLEA P P E N D I X A C O N T.BILL OF MATERIALS - SP STYLEQuarter-turn valves for standard and sour gas services to 20,000 psi. Rugged plug valves 1 to 3 inches and with threaded or detachable Weco* style wing union ends. Used for cementing, fracturing, acidizing and other high-pressure lines which handle slurries, abrasives, drilling muds, chemicals and other similar products. These valves are equivalent to SPM* style. We can also supply model MC-OD-PV which is equivalent to Lo-Torc* style (even parts interchange).Floating segments ensure positive sealTwo seal segments which float slightly to offset possible micro-expansion of the valvebody in extreme high-pressure applications and to ensure a positive seal at all times.Easy operation under pressureThe plug valves cylindrical plug fits between a set of seal and side segments to preventthe plug from sticking to the valve body, permitting easy operation under pressure.Visible indication of valve positionA visible, quarter-turn stop on the plug cap indicated clearly when the valve is fullyopen or fully closed. A detent spring holds the valve in the desired position.In-line maintenance 1Can be rebuilt in-line by replacing the side and seal segments.213345146711 10MATERIALS 9 8Item Qty. Description1 1 Grease Fitting 10 7 92 1 Hex Nut3 1 Plug Cap 114 1 Gasket5 1 Body Cap6 1 O-Ring7 2 O-Ring/Packing Assy8 1 Plug9 2 Seal Segments10 2 Side Segments 1211 2 Seal12 1 Body, 2 Fem. LPTL12 1 Body, 2 Fig. 1502 Union Connections 1512 1 Body, 2 Fem. LPTL12 1 Body, 2 Fem. LPTL12 1 Body, 2 Fig. 1002 Union Connections13 1 Wrench, Body Cap 12 B E14 1 Back-Up Ring15 1 Retainer Ring16 3 Segments17 1 Wing Nut 1818 1 Seal Ring 16*FMC & Weco are registered trademarks of TechnipFMC.SPM is a registered trademark of The Weir Group.17FMC, SPM & Weco are not related to APV or GSL in any way.Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 13'