b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLEA P P E N D I X C C O N T.VALVE TRIM CHART FOR API6A Plug VALVES API6A TEMPERATURE CLASS P: SERVICE -20F TO 180F (-29C TO 82C)APIPRESSUREMATERIALSSERVICE TRIM MATERIALRATING PSI BODY &BONNET CLASS BONNET SEAL GATE SEAT STEMGeneral2,000 Carbon or Low316 410 410Oilfield Gas,T21 AA 3,000 Allow Steel CS 410 316 316Oil 5,000General2,000ModeratelyT22 BB 3,000 Carbon or LowSS 410 410 17-4PHCorrosive Allow Steel 316 410CO2 5,000General2,000 API 60K Moderately 17-4PHCorrosiveT23 CC 3,000 CA6NM SS 410 410 w/MDC5CO2 5,000 Stainless SteelSour (H 2 S)2,000 4130 or ServiceAPI 60K17-4PH4 T24 DD 3,000 Alloy Steel SS 17-4PH4130 w/MDC5NACE 5,000 NitridedMR01-75Sour (H 2 S)2,000 4130 or ServiceAPI 60K17-4PH4 S24 EE 3,000 Alloy Steel SS 17-4PH410 w/MDC5NACE 5,000 NitridedMR01-75Corrosive (CO2)2,000 API 60K & Sour (H 2 S) 17-4PH4 T26 FF 3,000 CA6NM SS 17-4PH 17-4PH w/MDC5NACE 5,000 Stainless SteelMR01-752,000 API 60K Alloy17-4PHWaterflood T27 EE 3,000 Steel w/PlasticSS 17-4PH 17-4PH w/MDC55,000 CoatAPI 6A TEMPERATURE CLASS L: SERVICE -50F TO 180F (-46C TO 82C)General2,000 API 60K17-4PHOilfield Gas,T36 AA 3,000 Alloy Steel CS 4130 4130 w/MDC5Oil 5,000Sour (H2S)2,000ServiceAPI 60K17-4PH4 T37 DD 3,000 Alloy Steel SS 4130 4130 w/MDC5NACE 5,000MR01-75Sour (H 2 S)2,000ServiceAPI 60K17-4PH4 S37 EE 3,000 Alloy Steel SS 17-4PH 4130 w/MDC5NACE 5,000MR01-751QPQNITRIDE4CHARPY V NOTCH IMPACT TEST5MDCMOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE COATINGThis list is provided as a guide only. Australian Pipeline Valve reserves the right to provide alternate materials without prior notice.18 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'