b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLEI N D E XIntroduction2Safety Information3-41.0Installation4-61.1Installation positions41.2 Preparation for installation41.3 End connections - installation5-62.0Overview62.1 Construction62.2 Applications63.0Operation 73.1Precaution during operation74.0Maintenance 85.0Disassembly 8-95.1Disassembly - LT Style8-96.0Assembly 9-106.1Assembly - LT Style9-106.2 Valve grease procedure107.0Testing 117.1Valve adjustment procedure118.0Storage 118.1Shelf life11Appendix A - Bill of materials 12-13Appendix B - Dimensional details 14Appendix C - API 6A Material service categories & rating levels 15-18Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 1'