b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLES A F E T Y I N F O R M A T I O N The following general safety information should be taken in account in addition to the specific warnings and cautions specified in this manual. They are recommended precautions that must be understood and applied during operation and maintenance of the equipment covered in this I.O.MTo avoid injury, never attempt disassembly while there is pressure either upstream or downstream. Even when replacing gaskets, caution is necessary to avoid possible injury. Disassemble with caution in case all pressures are not relieved. To prevent valve bending, damage, inefficient operation, or early maintenance problems, support piping on each side of the valve. Warning, certain gases and fluids could cause damage to human health, the environment or property, hence the necessary safety precautions to prevent risk should be taken.This manual provides instructions for storing, general servicing, installation and removal of Plug valves.When using these assemblies, appropriate protective equipment is required: safety glasses, approved safety shoes and hard hats must be worn. Hammering and lifting these assemblies must be done with caution.Personnel should only hammer on makeup lugs and not strike union nut or valve body. Fractures can occur from repeated misuse. Excessive hammering can damage components. Proper leg lifting should be used when lifting. Back lifts should be avoided. It is a personal responsibility to become knowledgeable and trained in the proper use and handling of this tool. Do not hammer on, or be around valve assemblies when pressure is present. Hand actuation (with the appropriate Actuator bar) should be done only by specially trained personnel under direct supervisory instruction; and only when necessary due to application.Valve unions should be clean and lightly oiled before each use, as well as a visual inspection for damage. Union seals should be checked and replaced when worn or damaged. Each valve has a size and pressure code designated on the valve. Use this code for proper mating and pressure limits.Since plug valves may be painted in different colours for various applications, it is suggested not to use factory colour as a primary means of identification.APV and its re sellers refuse any liability for damage to people, property or plant as well as loss of Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 3'