b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLEproduction and loss of income under any circumstances but especially if caused by: Incorrect installation or utilisation of the valve or if the valve installed is not fit for intended purpose. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure the valve type and materials are correctly specified.DURING OPERATION TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE FOLLOWING WARNINGS:a- Graphite/Graphoil packing and body gasket is very brittle, any impacting, twisting or bending should be avoided.b- The valves internal parts such as disc, stem, seats, seals, gaskets shall be handled with care avoiding scratches or surface damage.c- All tools and equipment for handling the internal parts shall be soft coated or else take extreme care, especially on machined mating surfaces and with soft parts.d- Valves can be fitted with gaskets or seals in PTFE, Buna, Viton, etc., hence high temperatures will damage sealing components.For all operations make reference to position number on part list of the applicable drawing listed.1 . 0 I N S T A L L A T I O NWhere applicable, piping should be properly aligned and supported to reduce mechanical loading on the end connections.1.1 INSTALLATION POSITIONS Plug valves are usually bidirectional and therefore may be installed in either direction. In some cases, Plug valves may be unidirectional, in which case the direction of flow will be indicated on the valve body.1.2 PREPARATION FOR INSTALLATIONRemove protective end caps or plugs and inspect valve ends for damage to threads, socket weld bores or flange faces.Thoroughly clean adjacent piping system to remove any foreign material that could cause damage to seating surfaces during valve operation.Verify that the space available for installation is adequate to allow the valve to be installed and to be operated.Ensure sufficient clearance for the stem in the full open position may cause the valve to be inoperable. Inadequate clearance for valve may add mechanical loading to the valve ends. Sufficient clearance should be allowed for threaded valves to be swung during installation.4 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'