b'OILFIELD PLUG VALVE - LT - SP STYLEPersonal injury may result from sudden release of any process pressure. APV recommends the use of protective clothing, gloves and eye wear when performing any installation or maintenance.Isolate the valve from the system and relieve pressure prior to performing maintenance.Disconnect any operating line providing air pressure, control signals or electrical power to actuators.When removing or adjusting gasketed parts, APV recommends installing a new gasket before reassembling. A proper seal is required to ensure optimum operation.2 . 0 O V E R V I E WThe Plug valve, with superior design features and precision workmanship is proven to meet the harsh drilling requirements in todays oil fields. The regulated design of the plug valve allows the flow through the plug valve bore and can be completed stopped by rotating the plug 90. This can be manually, or with pneumatic or hydraulic actuators. Pressure drop across the valve is low as they add little disturbance to the flow. They are simple to operate, fast to respond and require minimal space.The valve standard trim includes 410 or 316SS plugs, 410 or 316SS stems and BUNA N seats, optional trims are available which include Ni plated, stellite, carbon steel, monel and aluminium bronze plugs. Seats are offered in Viton and Hypalon, and optional 17-4 pH or 303SS stem is available. 410SS is used for high H2S service plug valves which conform to NACE MR-01-75 for exposure to H2S. 2.1 CONSTRUCTIONAll the valves conform to API flange specifications in all pressure class ratings. 2.2 APPLICATIONSDrilling and well-treating chemicalsSour gas and crude oilAbrasive drilling mudWater, oil and gas linesCements and slurriesIt is important that the correct plug valve be used for the specific application.6 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'