Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 9 EXPANDING SEAL PLUG VALVE DOUBLE BLOCK & BLEED API6D - TWIN SERIES 2 . 0 I N S T A L L A T I O N Orientation APV DB&B expanding plug valve may be installed in any position. Flow direction The APV plug valve design is bi-directional. Flow shut-off is achieved equally on both sides of the plug in-dependent of flow direction. Note: The use of a Differential Thermal Relief (DTR) does result in a preferred flow direction. 2.1 VALVE PREPARATION a- Remove the ends protectors and check accurately the status of the valve as indicated in point 1.2. b- Prior to shipment, a preservative/corrosion inhibitor may have been applied to the inner body of the valve. This preservative/corrosion inhibitor can be removed with a solvent, provided the solvent used does not affect the seats/seals used in the valve. c- Do not operate the valve until the following procedures have been fully applied: • Clean internal conduits. • After cleaning the ball must be operated (one complete stroke). • During installation the ball must be kept in the fully open position. 2.2 VALVE INSTALLATION a- To handle the valve use body lugs if applicable or suitable eyebolts. Never handle the valve by yoke or using the lever or actuator or gear box eye bolts. Never lift from bore of valve. Do not lift the valve using only one lifting lug. b- The end protectors must be removed only immediately before installation. If one of end is not connected to the line for a period of longer than half a day the opened end shall be securely sealed with plastic or wooden cover. c- For butt weld type valves take care for the following: If brushing or grinding, seal valve conduit (bore) to prevent damage. At the end of such operation clean accurately the conduit. The welding procedure and post-weld treatment shall be performed taking into account the allowable maximum temperature for seats and seals. The welding sequence shall be pre-planned in order to give an acceptable piping load to the valve. Leave valve in full open position to reduce temperature transmission to soft seats. For valves up to 80 NB (3”) use temperature measuring strips. Ensure temperature of body does not go above 180°C. d- At the end of installation lock the valve full open in order to avoid any movement of the ball before flushing the pipeline. e- Valves will operate at any angle horizontally or vertically, although it is recommended you install valves in a vertical position with stem pointing upwards for ease of operation, inspection and accessibility.