b'GEARBOXES - WORM GEARW G 0 0 7 W O R M G E A R O P E R AT O RDIMENSIONS WORM GEAR174mmRugged, dependable,precision performancefor valves requiring90 rotation.238mmMOUNTING PATTERN163mm240mmBored as required or supplied with pilot hole4 x 3/4 UNC, 6.5 PCD465mm93mmRight angle mitre box. Vertical stem option.Reliable rugged worm gear boxes with position indicators & adjustable Travel/stop screws for 1/4 turn ball valves, plug valves etc. Weatherproof housing, manufactured from high strength ductile iron, seals at bottom of worm gear hub to protect & isolate internal operating parts from dirt and water.Carbon steel one-piece input shaft and worm gear are supported by ball or tapered roller bearings for increasedefficiency.Nosleevebearingsareusedinanymodel.Durable ductile iron worm segments are standard.Adjusting screws allow a + or - 5 range at end of travel. Permanentlylubricatedwithgenerousamountsofhighqualitygrease.Greasefittingsarestandardonallmodels.QUICK REFERENCEUnit ApproximateMaximumUnitMaximum Bore SizeMinimum BoreMountingType Weight in KG Output Input Torque NM Ratio SquareRectangularSize MM Pattern MSS W/O Wheel Torque NM Keyway Keyway SP-10138.1mm WITH39.88mm WITH* (4) 5/8 UNC-2B WG007 14 720 80 42:1 12.7mm X 12.7mm 12.7mm x 9.53mm15.88 ON A 165MM PCDKEYWAY KEYWAY* Other drillings on requestDIAMOND GEAR - Gearboxes 13'