b'GEARBOXES - WORM GEARW G 4 0 8 W O R M G E A R O P E R AT O RDIMENSIONS 207.01 mm WORM GEARRugged, dependable,precision performancefor valves requiring297.18 mm90 rotation.642 mm MOUNTING PATTERN420mm 8x 1-1/8 UNC - 2B EQUALLY SPACED ON A 356 mm762 mm Bored asrequired or supplied with pilot hole MSS SP-101 FA35252 mm206 mm25.4 mmRight angle mitre box. 424.18 mm Vertical stem option.Reliable rugged worm gear boxes with position indicators and adjustable Travel/stop screws for 1/4 turn ball valves, plug valves etc.Weatherproof housing, manufactured from high strength ductile iron, seals at bottom of worm gear hub to protect and isolate internal operating parts from dirt and water.Carbon steel one-piece input shaft and worm gear are supported by ball or tapered roller bearings for increasedefficiency.Nosleevebearingsareused.Durable ductile iron worm segments are standard.Adjusting screws allow a + or - 5 range at end of travel. Permanentlylubricatedwithgenerousamountsofhighqualitygrease.Greasefittingsarestandardonallmodels.Also available in subsea (IP67) and low temperature configurations up to 320,000NMQUICK REFERENCEUnit ApproximateMaximumInput Torque Unit Maximum Bore SizeMinimum BoreMountingType Weight in KG Output Torque NM NM Ratio SquareRectangularSize MM Pattern MSS W/O Wheel Keyway Keyway SP-101143mm WITH 155.45mm WITHFA35WG408 207 32000 190 700:1 38.1mm x 38.1mm 38.1mm x 25.4mm 74.93mm * (8) 1-1/8 UNC-2B KEYWAY KEYWAY ON A 356mm B.C.* Other drillings on requestDIAMOND GEAR - Gearboxes 29'