b'GEARBOXES - DECLUTCHABLE GEARMOS SERIES DECLUTCHABLE GEAR OVERRIDEHEAVY DUTY QUARTER TURN WORM TYPE GEAR OVER-RIDEFEATURESCompact and light weightThere are two keyway 90 apart to allow mountingeast-west or north-south.Pull out the positioning pin & rotate the off-centre device 180 to engage the gearbox, disengage the opposite way. Thegearoperatorisfilledwithaspeciallubricant. The gearbox is a sealed unit and is dust proof &waterproof and made to IP65.The bottom of gear operator should be connected tothe valve (bracket mounting), the top is connected tothe actuator with the valve stem going through the innerhole of worm gear and the square on the end of stem then inserts into the square hole of the actuator cylinder.The unit can be switched between manual gear & automaticactuator operation but does not allow engagement of both devices at the same time. The cylinder of the gear operatorAPPLICABLE STANDARDSengages to the valve stem & disengages the actuator in oneModel:MOS-1 / MOS-2 / MOS-3 / MOS-4 / MOS-5 / MOS-7 / MOS-8position, then in the other position this is reversed.Torque Range:100 to 9800 NmTemperature:-20C to +80CStroke Adjustment:10Movement:0 to 90MO Series manual override is an emergency device for the opening and closing of a valve in case of a pneumatic actuator failure. Its self-locking wormgear design provides safe & easy operation for 9 10transferring between control & manual operation. 5The MO Series declutchable gear operators provide an easy and reliable method of direct manualoperation that can be utilised to over-ride theactuator as emergency control on air failure, 8or as a local control in the event of controller 12malfunction.When the hand wheel is clutched1in, the valve is then under local manual control 11and the remote control is locked out.23 4 6 7MATERIALSNo. Part Name Material No. Part Name Material1 Housing Aluminium / Ductile Iron7 On/Off Lever EN8 ZP Alloy Steel2 Worm Wheel SGI 600 8 Limit Stop EN8 ZP Alloy Steel3 Eccentric Bush Bear EN8 Alloy Steel + ZP 9 Gasket CNAF / Viton4 Worm Shaft EN8 Alloy Steel + ZP 10 Top Cover Aluminium / Ductile Iron5 Eccentric Bush H/W Side EN8 Alloy Steel + ZP 11 Hand Wheel Aluminium6 Selector Steel 12 Stem Zinc EN8 Alloy Steel40 DIAMOND GEAR - Gearboxes'