b'GEARBOXES - DECLUTCHABLE GEAR M O S S E R I E S D E C LU T C H A B L E G E A RMATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION - MOS 01 ~ MOS 088141 231514 15791116 4 6 5 1017 7 612BILL OF MATERIALS - MOS 01* ~ MOS 08*Description Standard1 Housing CI (FG220) or Aluminium Alloy2 Cover CI (FG220) or Aluminium Alloy3 Worm Wheel SGI 600/34 Worm Shaft & Worm Zinc Plated Carbon Steel5 Cams Zinc Plated Alloy Steel6 Thrust Spacer / Ball Thrust Bearing Gun Metal / Alloy Steel7 Retainer Plates MS8 Stopper Bolts & Nuts Steel 8.8Gr Zinc Plated9 Plunger Assembly SS30410 Plunger Knob Delrin11 O Rings Nitrile12 Hand WheelM.S. Fabricated + Powder Coated13 Lubrication Multi Purpose Grease (LEX 3)14 Fasteners HT 8.8Gr.15Bush Bearing Gun Metal16 Collar Ring EN-8 + Zinc Plated17 Cam Handle Assembly EN-8Zinc Plated18 Surface Coating Silver Ash Hammer tone (Enamel)*For MOS 05SGS to MOS 08SGS see page 32NOTES:-A. Thrust spacers (6) have been provided for MOS-01 to MOS-05 models, instead of ball thrust bearing.*B.MOS-01 to MOS-04 do not have retainer plate (7). The cams are retained by circlips.C. Bushes (16) as per requirement only, depending on models.**D. MOS-01 to MOS-03 will have collar ring (17) assembly.DIAMOND GEAR - Gearboxes 43'