b'NEEDLE VALVESMODEL S-H1 & S-M9S RISING PLUG TYPE 6000 PSIFlowturn SH1 and S-M9S Needle Valves are specially designed and ruggedly manufactured for use in corrosive and hazardous environment. S-H1 & S-M9S valves are used in process control, instrumentation and flow control applications. HB Series are precision machined, and designed for durability and maximum efficiency to provide a high quality valve for use in fluid and gaseous control systems of different applications, to meet the exacting standards of our growing and demanding customers. The model S-M9S is complete with an integral bleed plug.Flowturn Needle Valves are available in high grade stainless steel, carbon steel, monel and other materials in variety of end connections including male/female threaded NPT, BSP, BSPT, ISO, DIN and JIS tapered pipe ends. Valves can be supplied to meet current revision of NACE MR01-75 (Sour Gas Service). All valves are 100% factory tested and complete traceability is available upon request.FEATURES - BENEFITSStraight through flow path - provides high flow capacity bi-directionalS-H1roddable capability.Safety bonnet lock - prevents accidental disassembly. S-M9SStem thread rolled and hard plated - provides additional strength and maximum service life.Mirror finish stem, burnished to 16 RMS - extends packing life and smooth stem operation.Adjustable packing below stem threads - prevents stem lubrication washout and isolate threads from process contamination.Safety back seating - provides secondary stem seal in full open position, prevents stem blow out.Stainless steel handle - for proper actuation.Body to bonnet seal - metal to metal constant compression isolates bonnet threads from system fluids.Dust cap - prevents contaminants and lubricant washout of bonnet assembly.MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION12Sr No.PartQty.Material1Body1A479-316 / A-105* 112Bonnet1A479-316 / A-105* 10 33Stem1A276-3164Spacer1PTFE / Graphoil 85Packing1PTFE / Graphoil 76Lock Nut1A479-316 / A-105* 2 47Gland Lock Nut1A479-316 / A-105* 58Gland Retainer1A479-316 1 69Rising Plug Seat1Delrin10Dust Cap1Plastic LD 911Grub Screw1A479-316 1312Handle1A276-304 / A-105*13Rising Plug1A479-31614Lock Pin (Optional)1A479-316 Non Rotating Vee Tip (Soft Seat)*CAD or zinc platedPRESSURE/TEMPERATURE RATINGS DIMENSIONS (MM)ValveOrificeCvMax. Working PressureTempPressure@Max. Pressure Size(MF)*(FF)*HQA (open) PTFE 1/460552793.51/43.5mm0.31-29 to 121C27,579 kpa @ 230C 3/860552793.53/83.5mm0.3141300 kpa -20 to 250F(4000 psi @ 446F) 1/280753296.51/24.8mm0.52(6000 psi)GRAPHOIL3/46.4mm1.40-29 to 315C24,821 kpa @ 230C 3/495804211719.5mm2.40-29 to 600F(3600 psi @ 446F) 11009545119*S-M9S Refer to drawingTESTINGEvery Flowturn Needle Valve is 100% tested with nitrogen gas at 1200 psig (80Bar) for leakage at seal and seat. Hydrostatic test performed with pure water at 11/ 2times the working pressure. Other optional tests like helium and low temperature are available upon request. 16 FLOWTURN - Needle and Instrumentation Valves'