b'NEEDLE VALVESMODEL S-M5 & S-M5A/F GAUGE ROOT 6000 PSIFlowturn Gauge Root Globe and Plug Type Needle Valves are used for safe installation in pressure switches, gauges and differential pressure transmitters, suitable for blockand bleed assemblies to test pressure source required in sampling line or purge valve. HRugged Stainless steel handleStem threads isolated from system fluids, Rolled & hard platedGauge Ports (2) Safety back seating 1/2 NPT (F) E Max. Open1/2 or 3/4 NPT (M) 1/2 NPT (F)FEATURESD316 S.S. construction for corrosion resistance. Non rotating vee or ballB Ctip. Extended body for insulation clearance. Scheduled 160 or heavierApipe valve inlet for strength. Optional graphoil packing available for highGlobe Style S-M5temperatures. Ball*/vee tip design forms a bearing joint with the stem which eliminates rotation between ball/vee tip and seat at closure.HThis prevents scoring and galling up the valve seat and ensures long life in repetitive shut off service. Non-rotating Vee / Ball Tip stem for excellent control without Non rotating vee / ball* tip design - which forms a bearing jointsurge in repetative shut offGauge Ports (2) with the stem eliminates rotation between plug and seat at closure.1/2 NPT (F)E Max. OpenThis prevents scoring and galling up the valve seat and ensure longThrough for easy flowlife in repetitive shut off service. 3/4 NPT (M) 1/2 NPT (F)Safety bonnet lock - prevents accidental disassembly.Stem thread rolled and hard plated - provides additional strength and maximum service life. DMirror finish stem, burnished to 16 RMS - extends packing life and smooth stem operation. B CAdjustable packing below stem threads - prevents stem lubricationAStraight Through Style S-M5A/F washout and isolate threads from process contamination. (Drawing on request)Safety back seating - provides secondary stem seal in full open position, prevents stem blow out. DIMENSIONSStainless steel handle - for proper actuation.BodyOrifice Connecting SizeDimensionsBody to bonnet seal - metal to metal constant compression isolatesmmInletOutletABCDEHbonnet threads from system fluids.Short51/2 NPT 1/2 NPT 1377638 32 SQ 9064Dust cap - prevents contaminants and lubricant washout of bonnet assembly.Lagging5 1/2 NPT 1/2 NPT 184 12338 32 SQ 9064Repairable Metal Seat - can be resurfaced without removing valve from line.Extension*Ball tip available as option only on S-M5 globe style. TESTINGMATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION (S-M5) Each valve is tested with nitrogen gas at 1000 psi for seat Sr No.PartQty.Material and packing leakage with a maximum allowable leak rate 1Body1A479-316 / A-105** of 0.1 sec/min. Hydro test performed with pure water at 11/ 22Stem1A479-316 times the working pressure. Other tests like vibration and 3Spacer2A479-316 temperature, helium etc. are available upon requests.4Gland Body1A479-316 / A-105**5Gland Packing2Teflon / Graphoil 116Lock Nut1A479-316 / A-105** 8 9 OUTLET7Retainer1A479-316 / A-105** 2 OUTLET OUTLET8Cap1Plastic / LD 7 OUTLET9Grub Screw1A479-316 6 310Washer1A479-316 4 511Handle1Stainless Steel 1012Vee / Ball Tip1Titanium / 17-4PH/316/HF 1*CAD or zinc plated 12MAT.SEATTEMP. RATINGPR. RATING @ 1000F (380C)Non Rotating Vee Tip Non Rotating Ball Tip S. S. 316V-Stem-650F to 4500F6000 PSI (41,300 Kpa)Globe Style S-M5Rising Plug(-540F to 232C)FLOWTURN - Needle and Instrumentation Valves 17'