b'NEEDLE VALVESM O D E L K E R - J Y Y T Y P E & A N G L E T Y P E G LO B E S T Y L EFlowturn KER-JY Series Needle Valves, with their rugged compact design, offer positive shut off or directional control of fluids in process, oilfield wellhead and instrumentation applications. The unique proven design ensures excellent sealing characteristics while accomodating a superior temperature range and cycle life. A high integrity metal to metal bonnet anti ingress seal ensures leak tightness at high pressures.These valves are available in Y-type and right angle configurations in steel, stainless steel, Monel, Duplex and Inconel construction, with a wide variety of port connections.Globe Style, Metal Seat.Compact and lightweight.Pressure responsive PTFE packing seal arrangement.Bi-directional flow, with preferred flow indicated.Ingress seals fitted as standard.Full material traceability of main components.100% Hydrotestic testing.Materials of construction can be supplied to NACE MR 01-75.Flowturn KER-JY Series Valves are available in high grade stainless steel, carbon steel, monel and other materials in variety of end connections including male / female threaded NPT, BSP, BSPT, ISO, DIN and JIS tapered pipe ends. Valves can be supplied to meet current revision of NACE MR01-75 (Sour Gas Service). All valves are 100% factory tested and complete traceability is available upon request.FEATURES - BENEFITSNon rotating vee / ball tip design - which forms a bearing jointSPECIFICATIONS with the stem eliminates rotation between plug and seat at closure.PressureThis prevents coring and galling up the valve seat and ensure longRating Up to 10,000PSI (700 Bar)life in repetitive shut off service. Size Range1/4 to 1Safety bonnet lock - prevents accidental disassembly.Stem thread rolled and hard plated - provides additional strengthTemperaturePTFE Packing : and maximum service life. Rating-54Cto 200C(-65F to 392F) Graphite PackingMirror finish stem, burnished to 16 RMS - extends packing life and-50C to 550C(-58F to -958F)smooth stem operation. PortTube compression - Twin Ferrule Adjustable packing below stem threads - prevents stem lubricationConnectionsNPT (Male / Female)washout and isolate threads from process contamination. BSPSafety back seating - provides secondary stem seal in full open position, prevents stem blow out.Body to bonnet seal - metal to metal constant compression isolatesDIMENSIONS bonnet threads from system fluids.Repairable Metal Seat - can be resurfaced without removingConnection ABCCVWeight valve from line. Size(kgs)1/46055258660MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION 3/86055288660Sr No.PartQty.Material 1/4, 3/8, 3/4, 1 Refer to Drawing1Body1A479-316 / A-105*2Gland Body1A479-316 / A-105* TESTING3Gland Retainer1A479-316 / A-105* Every Flowturn KER-JY Series Needle Valve is 4Washer1A479-316 100% tested with nitrogen gas at 1200 psig 5Packing1PTFE / Graphoil (80Bar) for leakage at seal and seat. Hydrostatic 6Packing Washer1A276-316 test performed with pure water at 11/ 2times the 7Spindle1A276-316 working pressure. Other optional tests like helium 8Handle1Painted or 316 and low temperature are available upon request.9Vee Tip / Ball Tip117.4 PH/316/HF*CAD or zinc plated20 FLOWTURN - Needle and Instrumentation Valves'