b'NEEDLE VALVESMODEL SLNT6000 6000 PSI GLOBE TYPEThe SLNT6000 is an economicalH1Globe Style Needle Valve with Eneedle point tip. This valve has a2smaller orifice than the S-H7 Globe Type Needle Valve. This valve is3 Favailable in Female X Female and Male X Female end connections. 45 G D C67PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE CHART 8 B(TEFLON SEATED VALVE)932oF122oF212oF302oF392oF402oFPSI 8000 F BAR7000 483A6000 414METAL SEATED T-6000-M5000 345TEFLON SEATED NT-6000-T4000 2763000 2071002000 138 90Delivery - US. Gallons Per Minute1000 69 80 High Pressure700 C 60 1 Valve050oC100oC150oC200oC250oC 50 3/4 ValveTemperature 35(with graphite packing, metal seated version will do 315oC Max) 30 Low Pressure1/2 Valve2520MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION 15 3/8 Valve10Sr No.PartMaterial 5 1/4 Valve1Set Screw3162Handle316 020406080100300500700900 3Stem316 Pressure Drop - lbs. Per Sq. Inch4Gland Nut3165Gland316 TESTING6PackingPTFE or graphite7Bonnet316 or A105* TYPE OF TESTMEDIUMPRESSURE8Body316 or A105* Seat TestAir100 PSI (7 bar)9SeatPTFE or metal Body TestWater9000 (620 bar)*CAD or zinc platedDIMENSIONS (MM)SizeABCDEFGHMinimum* Orifice SizeWeight Kg1/44522807013721601/8.273/85025857313721601/8.331/260301109516824653/16.543/4653511510016824653/16.6818346129102191030801/41.4*Also available large orifice needle valvesFLOWTURN - Needle and Instrumentation Valves 21'