b'MONO FLANGE VALVESMONO FLANGE BLOCK & BLEED VALVESMODEL SMO 150-2500 CLASSMONO FLANGEFlowturn Design Mono Flange, Single block and bleed and Double block and bleed valves incorporate primary process valves together with standard isolation and vent needle valves in one single compact unit to offer a space, weight and cost saving compared to traditional block & bleed valve. The compact size allows the use of more expensive materials like 316 & F51 to provide a longer life.FEATURES ADVANTAGESSingle piece body with Bonnet assembly. 1500-lb, One -piece integrally forged valve:-Flange connection 15NB to 50NB (1/2 to 2). Reduced weightTFE or Graphite Packing for Bubble tight sealing. Reduced heightNon-Rotating Tip to provide positive, bubble - tight seal. Reduced leakage pointsMetal to Metal Body/Bonnet Seal. Reduced effect of system vibrationTbar Handle. Supporting brackets are not requiredDesigned to comply with requirements of ANSI/ASMEReduced bending moment acting on the B16.5. Optional valve Bonnet assembly OS & Y bolted,vessel branch fitting weld.Anti Tamper and globe Style assembly with non roatingReduced installation costneedle trim.Reduced gaskets and boltingTECHNICALNACE MR-01-75.ASTM (Gr) Stainless steel, F316/F316LCarbon steel, A150/ LF2 and duplex or Super duplex and Alloy (400, 625, 825 and C276).Heat Code for material traceable to EN10204.3.1.B.End connection accordance with ASME B16.5 RF and RTJ NPTconnection accordance with ASME B1.20.1Working pressure in accordance to ASME B16.5 class 150 to 2500 class working temperature 58 to 400F (-50 to 204C ) for stainless steel and duplex -50 to 400F (-46 to 204C ) carbon steel valveAll valves are 100% factory testing hydrostatically and pneumatic leakage accordance with BS 12266.1 Mono Flange Wafer TypeDouble Block & Bleed Valve22 FLOWTURN - Needle and Instrumentation Valves'