b'CHECK VALVESPISTON CHECK MODEL CAV-3 INLINE 3000 PSIThe CAV-3 check valve is a one piece body machined from bar stock and is designed for minimum pressure drop. The valve hasa light weight compact design that provides maintenance-free dependable service. 10,000PSI Model also available to 2DIMENSIONS (INCHES)Nom. PipeSizeA Hex*C Orifice SizeCodeSize BDiameter3/8C2.1613/163/8 NPT0.3481/2D2.711-1/81/2 NPT0.4643/4F2.951-1/43/4 NPT0.5931H3.641-5/81 NPT0.8901-1/4I3.912-1/41-1/4 NPT1.1351-1/2J4.362-1/21-1/2 NPT1.3852K5.8532 NPT1.5552-1/2L5.503-3/42-1/2 NPT1.5553M6.254-1/23 NPT2.0254N7.135-1/24 NPT2.560 Body MaterialAvailabilityNon-Shock Pressure-Temperature Rating316 Stainless Steel (SS)Carbon Steel (CS)Standard Brass (BR)3/8 - 34Alloy 20 (A2)3000 PSIG @ 100oF1500 PSIG @100oFHastelloy C (HC)Semi-standard(1500 PSIG for o-ring seats)MonelHastelloy B (HB) SpecialTitanium (TI)26 FLOWTURN - Needle and Instrumentation Valves'