b'DESIGN OVERVIEW M O D E L S - H 7 , S - H 7 1 , S - M 5 , S - M 9 *FEATURESHANDLEStandard with tee bar handles.ROLLED STEM THREADS DUST CAP (PTFE PACKED ONLY)Keeps external contamination out of thread area.BACK SEAT DESIGNMIRROR FINISH STEMBODY MATERIAL Burnished to 16 RMS.Available in 316SS, carbon steel with yellow or plain zinc plated.REINFORCED GLAND PACKAGEEliminating potential leakage.VARIETY OF THREADED CONNECTIONSChoice of NPT, BSPT or TUBE. SEALING AREA BELOW STEM THREADMale - Male Protecting the thread from contamination Male - Female by process media.Female - FemaleLOCKING PINNON-ROTATING BALL OR Preventing accidental emission.CONICAL V STEM TIPProviding an excellent seal between1/2 to 1 Style Shownthe seat and stem tip without galling. METAL TO METAL SEATServing the working conditions of highpressure and temperature. Integral *S-M9 has integral bleed plug hard seat. Soft seat also available in plug type straight through style.M O D E L S - H 7 / H 7 1 - P MOPTIONAL PANELMOUNT NUTS1/8 to 3/8 Style Shown6 FLOWTURN - Needle and Instrumentation Valves'