b'MULTI-WAY BALL VALVES - BV509/509A, BV2057, BVL50~L54, SL8142-FZ SERIES3 . 0 O P E R A T I O N3.1 MANUAL OPERATIONThe manual operation for the proper flow plan is done by turning the handle a 1/4 turn (90 degrees turn). Visual indication of position is done by visual inspection of the markings on the top of the stem. Refer to as built drawing for permissible flow path configurations. The 4 seat design allows tight shut-off to flow in either direction or dead end service, regardless of the position of the valve in-line.3.2 OPERATION INSTRUCTIONValve adjustment is performed through lever handle/gear operation. The follow direction from can be identified by the stem top indication pattern (see Figure 1 and 2). For gear operated valves, the flow is indicated by the arrow-indicator (see Figure 3 and 4). See Appendix F for other flow position options. Multi-way ball valves allow 0, 90, 180, 270, 360 turning based on different flow paths, see Appendix F. The valve can be operated in 90 turn increments. FIG 1. 3-WAY T-PORT BALL VALVES FIG 2. 3-WAY L-PORT BALL VALVESIndicator IndicatorFIG 3. GEAR OPERATED 3-WAY T-PORT BALL VALVES FIG 4. GEAR OPERATED 3-WAY L-PORT BALL VALVES10 Flowturn - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'