b'MULTI-WAY BALL VALVES - BV509/509A, BV2057, BVL50~L54, SL8142-FZ SERIES5 . R E B U I L D I N G & T E S TBefore rebuilding, check that all the correct components are available and that they are fit for reassembly. When rebuilding, cleanliness is essential to allow long valve life and provide cost effective maintenance. Hydrostatic test body at 1.5 times the valves working maximum working pressure in open position. After installation, the pipeline system may be subject to a system test not to exceed the above mention pressure. Hydrostatic test the seats 1.1 times maximum working pressure in all desired closed position. Pneumatic test the seat at 5.5 Bar (80 PSI) in the desired closed position. If the valve is used for high pressure air or gas service a high pressure seat and body test is recommended using Nitrogen. Do not use air for high pressure test as an explosive reaction can occur.No body or stem seals are reusable. Care must be taken to avoid scratching the seats and seal during installation.Caution must be taken with valves that have been in hazardous media. They must be decontaminated before assembly by relieving the line pressure and flushing the line with the valve in the partially open position. Protective clothing and face Note shield, gloves, etc. must be used for this operation.5.1 DISASSEMBLY OF VALVE (REMOVE FROM THE LINE)1.With the valve in the open position, undo body bolt nuts (or unscrew in case of threaded body design) to separate valve body and ends.2. Once the body and the ends have been separated, remove the body seal.3. Make sure the ball is in the closed position, thus the ball can be taken out easily from the body.4. Once the ball is removed from the body take out the seats.5.2 REMOVING STEM FINAL DISASSEMBLY1.Remove handle by removing from the body take out the seats.2. Remove the stem nut, Belleville washers, gland, stem packing and stem gaskets.3. Push the stem down into the body cavity to remove. Once removed, take off the o-ring and thrust washer. Refer to as-built drawing & exploded bill of material sample drawings in Appendix B,C,D.16 Flowturn - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'