b'MULTI-WAY BALL VALVES - BV509/509A, BV2057, BVL50~L54, SL8142-FZ SERIESI N D E XIntroduction3Safety Information4-51.0Scope5-61.1Environmental consideration 51.2 Storage 5-61.3 Preparation 62.0Installation 6-92.1 Installation positions 72.2 Preparation for Installation 82.3 End connections 8-92.4 Valve installation by welding 93.0Operation 103.1Manual operation 103.2 Operation instruction10-113.3 Automated operations114.0Maintenance 11-154.1 Gland packing12-144.2 Body seal144.3Inspection and replacement of trim components 144.4Leaking from the valve seat14-155.0Rebuilding & Test16-175.1Dissassembly of valve (remove from the line)165.2 Removing stem final disassembly16Flowturn - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 1'