b'MULTI-WAY BALL VALVES - BV509/509A, BV2057, BVL50~L54, SL8142-FZ SERIES5.3 Reassembly176.0Repair Kits17Appendix A - Bolting torques18-22Appendix B - BV-509 series23Appendix C - BV-509A series24Appendix D - BV-2058 & BV-L50~L54 series25Appendix E - SL8142-FZ series26-27Appendix F - Flow patterns28Appendix G - Pressure/temperature rating charts29Technical Liabilities Limitations30 \x03Copyright\x03Australian\x03Pipeline\x03Valve\x031990\x03-\x032021\x03Edition\x03Catalogues, photos, brochures and technical publications are the exclusive property of Australian Pipeline Valve.Any unauthorised reproduction in total or in part, shall result in prosecution. Products and data sheets in this publication are subject to change at anytime without notice. Australian Pipeline Valve reserves the right to carry out amendments to products and materials.Flowturn - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 2'