b'SIGHT GLASSES - SLSG SERIES I N D E XIntroduction2Safety Information3-41.0 Installation51.1Installation positions51.2 Preparation for installation51.3 Post-installation procedures52.0 Handling5-63.0 Operation 64.0 Maintenance During Operation 6-74.1 Leaking between sight glass body and sight glass cap6-75.0 Disassembling Sight Glasses 76.0 Repair 76.1 Repairing the leak at the body-cap joint & replacing body gasket77.0 Reassembly 88.0 Preventative Maintenance 89.0Leakage Across Gasket 810.0 Major Maintenance 8-910.1Gasket replacement810.2Sight Glass internals disassembly inspection repair8-911.0Pressure Temperature Rating 9Appendix A- Bolting torque sequence 10Appendix B- Drawings SLSG Series 11-14Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 1'