b'SIGHT GLASSES - SLSG SERIES 1 . 0 I N S T A L L A T I O NPiping should be properly aligned and supported to reduce mechanical loading on the end connections.1.1 INSTALLATION POSITIONSSight valves fitted with flow indicators are uni-directional, the direction of flow will be indicated on the valve body. Sight glasses with indicators should be used for horizontal lines with the bonnet facing up, and vertical lines where the direction of flow as indicated on the valve body is upwards.1.2 PREPARATION FOR INSTALLATIONRemove protective end caps or plugs and inspect valve ends for damage to flange faces.Thoroughly clean adjacent piping system to remove any foreign material that could cause damage to seating surfaces during valve operation.Verify that the space available for installation is adequate to allow the valve to be installed and to be operated.1.3 POST-INSTALLATION PROCEDURESAfter installation, the line should be cleaned by flushing to remove any foreign material. When caustics are to be used to flush the line, additional flushing with clean water is required. The valve should be tested after installation to ensure proper operating function.With the line pressurised, check the valve end connections, body to bonnet/cover joints and plugs for leaks.2 . 0 H A N D L I N G1.Take care in handling sight glasses especially the sealing faces.2. Make sure that piping and equipment is clean of dust, rust and pipeline scale. Clean all adjoining pipe and fittings. Remove end protector covers from the valves immediately prior to installation. Blow compressed air inside the valves to remove residual dust, dirt, etc., from inside the sight glasses as this could hamper the valves functioning and could also damage the seats.3. Make bonnet joints tight but do not overstress them. Always tighten in a diagonal pattern, gradually increasing torque settings. Refer to Appendix A, Diagram 1.4. Install sight glasses in the connecting piping so that the arrow mark on the valve body coincides with the flow direction in the pipe. 5. After installation it is advisable to once again flush the piping. Check carefully for visible leaks if any and tighten bonnet nuts accordingly.Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 5'