b'SIGHT GLASSES - SLSG SERIES Personal injury may result from sudden release of any process pressure. APV recommends the use of protective clothing, gloves and eye wear when performing any installation or maintenance. Isolate the sight glass from the system and relieve pressure prior to performing maintenance. Disconnect any operating line providing air pressure, control signals or electrical power actuators.5 . 0 D I S A S S E M B L I N G S I G H T G L A S S E S1.Check that the line is in a complete shut down phase.2. Pre-order all necessary jointing gaskets and parts.3. Check to ensure the flow indicator is functioning correctly.4. If the bolts and nuts are too tight, apply deep penetrating oil and then unscrew.6 . 0 R E P A I RAfter a certain period of operation, the the product still leaks after the above mentioned maintenance, repair should be performed as follows:6.1 REPAIRING THE LEAK AT THE BODY-CAP JOINT & REPLACING BODY GASKETDis-assemblya. Remove stud bolts joining the body and cap (or unscrew the bonnet in the case of screwed bonnet version).b. Remove the gasketc. Remove the sight glassd. Remove the gasketAssemblya. Place the new gasket in position; ensure that the gasket is smoothly placed.b. Place the sight glass onto the gasket.c. Place the new gasket onto the glass; ensure that the gasket is smoothly placed.d. Place the cap onto the body and tighten the stud bolts.Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 7'