b'SPRING RETURN HANDLEI N T R O D U C T I O NWe do recommend however, that this entire document be read prior to proceeding with any installation or repair. Australian Pipeline Valve and its parent company take no responsibility for damage or injury to people, property or equipment. It is Note the sole responsibility of the user to ensure only specially trained valve repair experts perform repairs under the supervision of a qualified supervisor.RESPONSIBILITY FOR VALVE APPLICATIONDo not use any valve in application where either the pressure or temperature is higher than the allowable working values. Also, valves should not be used in service media if not compatible with the valve material of construction, as this will cause chemical attacks.RECEIVING INSPECTION AND HANDLINGThe End User is advised that misapplication of the product may result in injuries or property damage. A selection consistent with the particular performance requirements is important for proper application and is the sole responsibility of the end user.S A F E T Y I N F O R M A T I O NTo avoid injury, never attempt disassembly while there are pressures either upstream or downstream. Even when replacing packing rings, caution is necessary to avoid possible injury. Disassemble with caution in the event all pressures are not relieved. A valve is a pressurised device containing energised fluids and should be handled with appropriate care. Valve surface temperature may be dangerously too hot or too cold for skin contact.Upon disassembly, attention should be paid to the possibility of releasing dangerous and or ignitable accumulated fluids. Adequate ventilation should be available for service.2 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'