b'SPRING RETURN HANDLEPersonal injury may result from sudden release of any process pressure. APV recommends the use of protective clothing, gloves and eye wear when performing any installation or maintenance. Note Isolate the valve from the system and relieve pressure prior to performing maintenance. Disconnect any operating line providing air pressure, control signals or electrical power to actuators.Potential HIGH PRESSURE vessel - be aware of high-pressure hazards associated with the attached valve or other actuated device when installing or performing maintenance on the operator. Do not remove the operator bolts from the valve or Note actuated device unless the valve or device stem is secured or there is no pressure in the line. For maintenance and/or disassembly of the operator when installed on the valve, ensure that the operator is not under thrust or torque load. If the valve must be left in service, the valve stem must be locked in such a way as to prevent any movement of the valve stem. Do not manually operate the operator with devices other than the installed lever. Using force beyond the ratings of the operator and/or using additive force devices such as cheater bars, wheel wrenches, pipe wrenches, or other devices on the operator lever may cause serious personal injury and/or damage to the operator and valve. Do not exceed any design limitations or make modifications to this equipment without first consulting us. Use of the product must be suspended any time it fails to operate properly. Do not use replacement parts that are not genuine APV-Flowturn, as serious personal injury and/or damage to the operator and valve may result.1 . 0 I N S T A L L A T I O NFlowturn Spring Return Handles have been designed and engineered to provide long lasting and trouble-free service when used in accordance with the instructions and specifications herein.The angle of rotation is set to 90 degrees and is not adjustable.1.1 SAFETY PRECAUTIONSIt is suggested that the following safety precautions should be taken when handling valves:Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 3'