b'SPRING RETURN HANDLEMODEL S71-504 ~ S71-509OPEN POSITION45SIDE VIEW11125 (F12)* 2810102 (F10)*10234 500 mm No. Part Name Material Qty1 Handle head CF8 (304) 15 2 Anchor CF8 (304) 16 3 Rotary shaft SS304 14 Spring rod SS304 222 17 7 5 Spring 605i2MN Spring steel 28 6 Handle extension SS304 21CLOSED POSITION 9 7 Sleeve PVS 28 Washer SS304 2*F06~F14 available 9 Adjustable hex nut SS304 210 Socket head screw SS304 211 Hex bolt SS304 11.3 INSTALLATION AND ASSEMBLY PROCEDUREIt is important to first determine if the Spring Return Handle (SRH) is required to function as spring open or spring closed. When supplied fitted to a valve, all levers are set to close and spring tensions are preset for the valve. However, procedure to reset is as follows:-1.Remove the factory standard handle (where applicable) by loosening and removing the handle nut (12) on the top side of the handle and remove any additional lock washers (11) under the nut.a. Be sure to set the nut and any washers aside as they may be required for later installation of the Spring Return Handle.b. It is important to ensure that none of the other components on the stem under the handle getremoved or fall off. This includes any stem nut securing devices. Failure to ensure these components do not come off can result in the stem nut coming loose and the valve leaking.2.Firmly attach handle head (item 1) to the valve using the two anchor screws provided (item 3).6 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'