b'SPRING RETURN HANDLEa. For some valve series a separate adaptor bracket is required to be attached to the valve mounting pad between the mounting pad and handle gland interface.3.Attach handle anchor (item 2) over the stem and secure it using the handle nut. If no additional handle nut is provided you will use the handle nut and lock washers removed in step one.a. Make sure the stop tabs are correctly positioned for the required spring back position (open or closed).b. For some valve series a separate coupler is required between the valve stem and handle interface.4.Insert the spring rod (item 4) binder nut end first through the handle opening and secure it to the handle head (item 1) using the anchor screw (item 3) through the binder nut (item 4a) into the centre threaded hole in the handle head (item 1).5.Apply a high quality anti seize lubricant to the spring rod (item 4).6.Slide the spring coil (item 5) over the spring rod (item 4).7.Slide the flat washer (item 8) onto the spring rod (item 4).8.If fitted to valve, the tensions are preset. Thread on the hex nuts (item 9) onto the spring rod (item4) and thread down to tighten the spring until the desired closing force is used. Do not over tighten. If torque is insufficient use a larger lever. Generally even loose handles are factory preset but slight adjustments are possible.1. Tensions required depend on spring fitted. Do not over tighten. Additional adjusting may be required to ensure proper operation of the Spring Return Handle.Note 2. Use caution when tightening the hex nut as the spring coil (item 5) is under increasing pressure.9.Thread the second hex nut (item 9) up to the first hex nut and tighten the two together to prevent any accidental loosening of the nuts.10. Slide the handle sleeve (item 6) over the spring rod (item 4) and the spring coil (item 5) and fully thread it into the anchor handle (item 2).11.Verify the handle operates freely and correctly by rotating it several times and making any adjustments required.1.4 INCREASING THE SPRING RETURN FORCE1.With the handle still assembled to the valve remove the handle sleeve (item 6) by fully unthreading it from the handle (item 2).2.Slightly loosen the hex nut (item 9) closest to the free end of the spring rod (item 4) to release any force that is on the first hex nut (item 9).3.Tighten down the first hex nut (item 9) 5mm and then thread the second hex nut (item 9) down up to the first hex nut and tighten the two together to prevent any accidental loosening of the nuts.Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 7'