Consistent product quality and availability of substantial stocks, makes Australian Pipeline Valve - Steamco a dependable choice for cast parallel slide gate, globe and check valves, where total reliability is the number one concern. Australian Pipeline Valve offers valves either to standard specification, or valves can be modified to suit customers specific requirements, both quickly and economically. FIGURE NUMBER SYSTEM TRIM TYPES Trim Code Body Seat Surface Disc Surface Stem Back Seat (Stuffing Box) X F6 F6 F6 F6 U Stellite Stellite F6 F6 XU Stellite F6 F6 F6 P* F304* F304* F304 F304 L* F316* F316* F316 F316 A* Monel* Monel* Monel Monel N* Alloy 20* Alloy 20* Alloy 20 Alloy 20 H* Hastelloy B* Hastelloy B* Hastelloy B Hastelloy B Z* Special Special Special Special B Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze * Note if stellite seat then add XU modifier to end, if stellite seat and disc then add U modifier, if PTFE seat add TF modifier. PART NUMBER SYSTEM PAGE 4 *For API600 weights see page 41, 42. For Buttweld dimensions and weights see overview brochure. For RTJ dimensions see overview brochure. For 16” to 30” see overview brochure. STEAMCO - Cast Steel Steam Valves 4 Suffix denoting operator G = Gear, Blank = Handwheel or N/A Suffix denoting end connection (Blank is RF, RJ is RTJ, BW is Buttweld, SP is special drilling, FF = Flat Face) Suffix denoting bonnet (P is Pressure Seal, W is Welded, Blank is Bolted) Suffix denoting valve body material (see page 5) N denotes NACE, Blank is Non NACE Blank is standard configuration (example solid wedge), F denotes flexible disc Gate, P denotes full opening check (API6D) S denotes Parallel Slide, D denotes Globe-Stop Check, Z denotes C/W Spring R denotes Right Angle Denotes trim (see below) Basic model number (As shown in catalogue) Valve Size (mm) 150 316S U S N 9 P BW G - EXAMPLE FIGURE NUMBER SYSTEM