b'ASG SERIES (IRON)WA F E R C H E C K D UA L F L A P I R O N B O DYA S G S E R I E S ( I R O N )125LB, PN10, PN14 & PN16 RATEDRatingAPI594-Class125/150orAS/EN/ISO/BSPN10/ PN14/PN16Design API594,BS/EN16767Max temp -18C*to100CBuna-N,-18C*to110CEPDM, -18C*to121Cmetalseat(AsBody).Flanging TosuitASA125,150,EN1092-2PN10/PN16,AS2129TableD,E,AS4087PN14/ PN16/PN21,ISO7005-1PN10/PN16,AS4331.1 PN10/PN16,EN1092-2PN10/PN16,JISB2220 5K~20KFace to Face EN558(wasDIN3203-K3),BS/EN16767orEN16782(3202-K3)orASMEB16Test API598/ISO5208/MSSSP67-1Metal seated leakage3CC/min/inchofvalvesizeperAPI598.Soft seatedleaktightshutoff.* Iron body limitation -18CDESIGN FEATURESEncapsulated and bonded body seat (soft seat)Upper and lower PTFE thrust bearings BILL OF MATERIALSDual springs for quicker activation long life and evendistribution of force over both plates Part Name MaterialsFusion bonded epoxy coated body (internal & external) 1Body Iron126ClassB,DuctileIron+FBELong leaf springs (prevent rubbing of disc and seat) 2Plate Bronze,304SS,410SS,316SS,Duplex,iron3Springs(LongLeg) 316SSAlleviation from Water Hammer 4Pin 304SSor316SSReaction of torsion spring makes plates rapidly close prior to 5BodySeat NBR(BUNA),EPDM,Viton,Metal thestartofreverseflowoffluidduetothestopofpower,thus 7Bearing PTFE preventsdamagefromwater,hammeringcausedbypumpsand 9Retainer S25CorS/Sother reciprocating devices. 10EyeBolt SS41Lower Head Loss 11O-Ring Viton,NBR,EPDM Designedwithoptimumventuritoreduceheadlosswhen comparedwithsimilarDualPlateTypeCheckValves.Installation DirectionsInadditiontothecompactsize,SUPER-CHECKvalvescanbeinstalled either horizontally or vertically. SLIM PLATE DESIGNLong Leg Torsion Spring Standard in all sizes. Ensures lowerActionwhichallowstheplatestoopenandclosewithoutseat cracking pressures & large flow rates. scrubbing.Super-Checkprovide a complete range of sizes from ND40 throughND1800,designedandratedinaccordancewithANSI 125LB,PN10,PN14,PN16,PN21102 13 7 IMPORTANT5 Ensurethevalveisatleasteight 9 pipe diameters from reciprocating4 7 orpulsatingdevices.114 SUPERCHECK - Check Valves - Wafer Style'