b'WAFER PATTERN CHECK VALVES - ASG & AGW STYLEI N D E XIntroduction2Safety Information31.0 Installation4-71.1Installation positions41.2 Preparation for installation41.3 End connections41.4 Cleaning51.5 Direction of flow & installation position51.6 Horizontal piping61.7 Distance between dual flap check valve and butterfly valve61.8 Orientation of dual flap check valve to pump discharge61.9 Gaskets71.10 Post-installation procedures72.0Operation73.0Maintenance 84.0Repairs 8-94.1 Repair instructions84.2 Removing valve from pipeline84.3Disassembly ASG series84.4 Disassembly AGW series84.5 Assembly ASG series94.6 Assembly AGW series9Appendix10-12Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 1'