b'WAFER PATTERN CHECK VALVES - ASG & AGW STYLE1.4 CLEANINGBefore installation, wash off any rust proofing solution coating with kerosene, or any hydrocarbon solvent product. Valve plates (flaps) should be checked to ensure they are free.1.5 DIRECTION OF FLOW & INSTALLATION POSITIONThe direction of flow in the line should coincide with the flow direction indicated by the cast arrow on the body of the valve.Dual plate check valves are designed for steady flow conditions and are not recommended for use near reciprocating pumps, but especially compressors, any pulsating devices or other types of physical/thermal shock-load applications. In this type of application, the check valve will not perform efficiently and will ultimately fail.For vertical installation it is necessary to orientate the valve rib such that there is equal loading on both flaps. Refer Diagram 1. Additional pressure drop should be expected due to the weight of the discs.In this position, the valveIn this position, the valve rib is perpendicular torib is parallel to the the incoming horizontalincoming horizontal piping which creates anpiping and creates an unequal loading on theequal loading on the flaps. flaps.Horizontal Flow NO! Horizontal Flow YES!Horizontal Flow Horizontal FlowDIAGRAM 1Supercheck valves can be installed either horizontally or vertically. For vertical installations, dual plate check valves can only be installed with flow direction upward. In the vertical position, the outlet will be above the inlet. YES! YES!DIAGRAM 2 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual 5'