b'WAFER PATTERN CHECK VALVES - ASG & AGW STYLE1.6 HORIZONTAL PIPINGInsert valve into pipeline so that the Pin Retainers (plugs) on model ASG are placed in an up and down position. In other words the central rib in the middle of the valve must be perpendicular to the flow. For model AGW use the body profile or lifting lug as a guide but install the same way. Consult Diagram 1 and 2 for orientation positions.Correct Incorrect IncorrectDIAGRAM 31.7 DISTANCE BETWEEN DUAL FLAP CHECK VALVE AND A BUTTERFLY VALVEIf you attach another valve to the outlet side of the Supercheck valve, ensure that there is enough distance between two valves so that the plates of the Supercheck check valve do not touch the disc of the other valve in the open position. For separating other valves such as butterfly valves, a spacer spool may be required to stop the disc interfering with the check valve flaps.1.8 ORIENTATION OF DUAL FLAP CHECK VALVE TO PUMP DISCHARGEWhen mounting the Supercheck valve near a pump, as indicated on Diagram 4, position so that the flow of the pump meets evenly with the two plates of the valve. The hinge pin of the Supercheck valve should be at right angles to the pump shaft. Ideally, for maximum service life keep distance A more than 6 times the diameter of the pipe. For higher pressures the distances should be further. Consult Diagram 1 and 2 for orientation positions.DIAGRAM 46 Australian Pipeline Valve - Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual'